Bangladesh Massacre

                    bangladesh-blasphemy                       Last night was the blackest night in the history of Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshis are saying that it is worse than the Black Night of the 25th of March 1971. The world witnessed another mass killing of innocent civilians by state forces in the commercial capital of Bangladesh. The whole nation became stunned and shocked in seeing the scale of the brutalities conducted by police and other law-enforcing bodies in disgusting manner.

Many eye witnesses explain that at least one million people were on a sit-in protest in Motijeel, Dhaka. At night, all of a sudden, all street lights were switched off and at 3 am thousands of armed police, Border Guards and RAB forces started firing indiscriminately with live rounds, tear shells and grenades at the innocent and unarmed protesters. The Asian Human Rights Commission termed it as a “Massacre of Demonstrators”.

No-one in a civilised world could ever imagine that government forces would begin shooting at thousands of people in the dark. It was nothing but a series of unimaginable atrocities being committed against humanity. I cannot begin to comprehend how a human being can order an attack on millions of civilians in the dark of night just to quash a protest. It is madness and an unforgivable crime against humanity. What happened in Dhaka last night is beyond politics. No matter which political ideology you subscribe to, or even if you are not involved in politics, it is unacceptable to any human being who has any ounce of common sense. It is humanitarian crisis.

The world must raise its voice against such heinous crimes for the sake of upholding human values. There should be no politics with human lives. A crime is a crime. Whoever ordered this atrocity and whoever tolerated this atrocity must be punished and charged with the worst crime against humanity.

Mufti Kifayatullah of Hathazari Madrasa in Bangladesh(Largest Institute in Bangladesh) has confirmed that over 3 000 Aalims and  students  have been mercilessly Martyred and the Firing still ongoing. Toll has reached 3500.

What is happening in Bangladesh is absolutely evil. I ask all to pray for the oppressed people of this spiritually rich land, which is in the hands of enemies of humanity. The Muslims will have to find solutions for themselves instead of expecting some kind of intervention from western governments. How can western powers help Muslims when they are behind some of the worst regimes on the planet. The solutions are with Allah and He has put them down very clearly in the Quran.


One thought on “Bangladesh Massacre

  1. Such a biased news!! Im a muslim kid from bangladesh and im impressed by the way the govt. scared away those hayenas! those hefazatis r actually the ones who r ruining Islam and our country! Admin dont worry u’l be judged by Allah! at dat tym no lies will save u!

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