A sister’s struggle…

 Woman at Supplication.   A sister wrote : Years back when I used to listen to music, there eventually came a time that I started to feel thoughts like this is Haraam and would feel guilty every time I blasted the tracks.

So I thought to myself, let me add Qur’an in my Mp3 player (and I didn’t eliminate the music).

But what happened was that as long as both the Qur’an and the music was there I would flip between the two.

So I said to myself: I have to remove music completely, because as long as I allow for the the impermissible thing to thrive, then I may succumb and listen. So I deleted all music and removed every CD of it that I had.

Then I repented to Allah I will never listen to music again, and prayed at Tahajjud regularly that O Allah only you can prevent me from sins, so save me from every minor and major sin.

This method I have applied to many other areas in my life that I feel weak in. I just make Du’aa’ to my Allah and then remove it completely, for as long as it remains, I remain vulnerable.

InshaaAllaah I hope that this benefits everyone else struggling with their own struggle.