The Perfect Relationship…

Perfect Love... via Maestrouzy.A lot of sisters and brothers are feeling low because of lack of marital proposals… They feel aged, unattractive and unwanted…

If you are this – let me be the first to remind you how special and loved you are by Allah.

If a brother/sister has rejected you solely based on the fact that they think you are ugly – know that it is their soul which is ugly – not you…! How can His creation be anything but beautiful?!

He loves you, thus He protected you from being bound in such a relationship… He loves you, thus He prevented you from being in the company of petty thinkers… This brother/sister was not worth it and ALLAH has a brother/sister saved for you, who will love and honor you for who you are… :))

Don’t let petty, small minded, short-lived, dunya lovers get you down… You are the Believers of Islam. You’re worth far more!

May He grant you a pious spouse who will guide you on His beautiful path. May He gift you with a spouse who will honor, respect, love, protect, guide and provide for you – and one who will benefit you in this world and the Hereafter. Amin!!