Posting pictures of injured Muslims


Some presentations are established to show the wounds of the Muslims in Palestine and other places, and they contain pictures of the wounded and those killed, and sometimes they are presented by means of video, and the reason for that is to encourage the Muslims to give charitable donations to their brothers. So is this act permissible? 

This act is not appropriate. It is not permissible to establish pictures strength for the injured. However, the Muslims should be called to give charity to their brothers, and they should be informed that their brothers are in bad circumstances, and that bad things are happening to them from the doings of the Jews, without them being shown pictures and pictures of the wounded people. This is because this contains the matter of utilizing picture making, and it also contains undertaking a burden that  Allah the Most High, did not command.

It also contains weakening the strength of the Muslims, because when you present before the people pictures of Muslims that have been mutilated, or with their body parts cut off, then this is what frightens the Muslims and makes the Muslims afraid of the deeds of the enemies. And what is obligatory is that the Muslims do not show weakness, and that they do not show the calamities, and they do not show these matters. Rather, they should conceal those matters so that they do not weaken the strength of the Muslims.

From the lecture: “At-Tawheed, the Key to Happiness in This Life and the Hereafter”, by Ash-Shaikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan.


This is Jihad

this is jihad

Jihad is a wide sweeping term that includes many aspects of being a Muslim and is not limited to the “Boogey Man propaganda” we often see. One thing to consider is the always promoted concept that Jihad is presented within the scope of war and physical fighting is a limited and a narrow view. Fighting can be verbal and even peaceful resistance is a form of fighting. Getting up for Fajr is a form of fighting…

If we use the often translated word “Striving” we can see there are many aspects. One can strive physically through prayer, one can strive mentally through education. Some strive through verbal actions of teaching and some strive through actions of War (offense and defense). There are many more examples that do not have any physical aspect.

Now, of course it does not mean that there is not a responsibility for people to “Fight” physically, even in the history of the Prophet (peace be upon him), he would fight when needed to, but would always attempt peaceful means initially and if a war broke out he would constantly strive for a peaceful resolution. (e.g. treaties and agreements)

So to isolate the word “Jihad” to one aspect and one aspect only is dishonest.

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